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Lead gen and marketing for automotive companies

Slip the stick into sixth, put pedal to the metal and push your sales into the red.

Not moving enough car batteries? Your auto shop floor about as busy as a desert airport terminal during a zombie lockdown? Or perhaps you're an automotive B2B company not getting enough auto shops knocking at your virtual door for pricing.

You need Peak Auto Marketing, the automotive marketing specialists, on your side.

We help small to medium sized businesses in the automotive niche gear up their online presence to make more sales.

The first step to more sales is a free consultation. Shift into first and slam down your foot!
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Who are we?

My name's Jansie. I've been doing online marketing since 2008. I run Peak Auto Marketing alongside my trusty navigator, Nadia.

If you're looking for more online sales or more leads, we're the team to have on your side. We take a balanced approach to marketing. This ensures that you don't fall victim to whims and fancies, but get a good return on investment over the long run.

See below what some of our clients say about us.

jansie & nadia


What some of our clients have to say about us.